What a difference a day makes

Milkhouse framing

With the foundation in place, wood framing is surprisingly quick. In a few hours, the walls are framed up, and it’s on to the roof… Rough carpentry is interesting, you’re working not from a blueprint or even a real sketch, instead, there’s only an ongoing materials list assembled from plans in your head. Well, not my head. This is all quite new to me. Things go a little awry or something unexpected comes up, and it’s fixed on the way. So long as the basic plan is workable, you can always bang your way through the details.

Milkhouse makeover


Autumn usually ends up being construction time. This year’s project is by far the biggest yet on the Tiny Farm, as we set out to more than double the area of the old milk collection room known as the Milkhouse. This was the only outbuilding that could be heated during the winter. After the upgrade, it’ll be a year-round multi-use space: office, seedling room in spring, overnight veggie storage in summer, the farm stand in the chilly days of late fall, maybe even the venue for the occasional, um, tea party… At this stage, it’s waiting for the concrete floor to be poured.