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And now, for some insulation…

Inside the new Milkhouse…

Inside the newly roofed Milkhouse, getting set to insulate. It’s kinda cold and dreary looking now, but it’s sure to get cheerier once the ceiling and walls are covered!




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Build a little, learn a little about building materials. Screwing on the roof took two of us about four hours. It’s made of Galvalume, which was recommended by (and gotten at a bit of a deal from) a friend working in construction. I looked it up. Galvanized steel is made by dipping steel in molten zinc. The two metals bond on a chemical level, resulting in pure zinc on the outside, a mix of zinc and steel as you go in, and a center of pure steel, making for a highly corrosion-resistant final sheet metal product. Fascinating! Galvalume is an advanced galvanized steel, with a zinc-aluminum fusion going on. Well, well!


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Outside walls are up

The outside walls are pine tongue-and-groove from a local sawmill. A little pricey, but what isn’t, and it looks pretty good. Now, the wait for the roof steel, on order and coming in a week.





With the rafters in place, the wood framing is done, and it’s on to wrapping the frame with an insulating fabric (Typar, the gray stuff leaning on the left) and closing up the outside walls with tongue-and-groove siding. We’re working to get the space enclosed before any really cold weather and snow hit. As you can see, the inside wall of the previous Milkhouse is still intact—demolition to come.



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