Anchoring the hoophouse

Anchoring the hoophouse

Finally got around to at least getting the base of the hoophouse anchored. This whole decision of whether to build it now or wait till spring has been up in the air for a while. At least, with the 4×4 rough cut cedar beams that hold up the steel ribs positioned and the anchor posts set, it’ll be relatively easy to get the frame up and then skin it…whenever. Even on a warm day in February or March! Flexibility! Options! Or maybe just…putting it off. I do want to purchase new plastic—what’s on hand now is around five years old, gotten milky, past its prime… In any case, today, I pounded in six 3′ T-bars, three per 20′ side. That little screw is only for the moment, it will all get bolted together with metal strapping or brackets. I’ve done this before… :)

First seed catalog of the year!

First seed catalog to arrive

Well ahead of the pack, Veseys takes first new seed catalog of the year. They’re a pretty marketing-oriented company, they get their stuff out early—this actually arrived a while ago, but I only got my hands on it now! Which is fine by me. I haven’t been this, well, EXCITED with that new-catalog feeling in a couple of years. That’s good. There is a lot of proper, well-ahead-of-time planning to do, expectations for 2012 run high! Whatever the weather!!

Beef and eggplant stew!

Beef and eggplant stew

Another in my series of possibly-not-so-appetizing photos of oh-so-delicious food. Local food. Ingredients either grown by me or gotten from those who did. I still find knowing where your food comes from endlessly satisfying, it doesn’t get old. Anyhow, without further ado, on to the one-pot, no-culinary-skills-required Beef and Eggplant Stew. Continue reading Beef and eggplant stew!

Like a pile of gold!

Manure delivery

Really can’t think what delivery of basic farm supplies could make me happier than today’s six truckloads of well-aged cow manure. Since we don’t have an on-farm source, getting this from a farm less than a mile (1.6km) down the road, loaded to order and delivered by the farmer himself, is a pretty good Plan B. This has been stacked for average around a year, so the composting action is well underway. I’ll be rearranging it into large windrows with the compact Kubota, for further breakdown till spring, and spreading some now. Heart-warming! :)