Play in mud!

Muddy harvest hands

A mid-winter flashback to one of my favorite farm photos—it’s just so…hands-on. On the tiny farm, many of the things we otherwise consider inconvenient, like rain and MUD, are actually just fine. Sunny days are NICER, but there’s plenty of room for wet as well. Originally posted on Friday, Aug. 8, 2008, when we were harvesting-around-the-rain.  (That’s Michelle.)


25 thoughts on “Play in mud!”

  1. This is really cool! Do you know anything about mushrooms?
    I’ve been experimenting with oyster mushrooms, and found this awesome home-growing mushroom kit at
    Its really cool and this company just won some BBC competition because their product is sustainable and socially responsible since they use coffee grounds to grow mushrooms! check it out!

  2. That type of harvest weather is right around the corner – great reason to rest and hunker down for the last six weeks or so of winter and realize that the cycles keep turning faster and faster so chill when you can – thanks for the great photo – mark

  3. Neat image..I grew up on a Maine potato farm and that soil, mud is what makes the crops grow. That dirt is gold. And the way the world is going, being able to know where your food came from, what you are eating plus having a supply is going to get more and more critical!

  4. The sight of dirt-covered hands makes me smile. To see the ground again after the snow has melted will be wonderful. Iève enjoyed my look around your blog and am eager to read more.


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