Winter squash season

Assorted acorn squash

At our farmers’ market, winter squash is the final course on the year’s harvest menu. From here on in, it’s mainly squash, pumpkins, root crops like carrots, potatoes and beets, and…cabbage. Most of the growers at market start bringing their squash in on the same day, like, today, by the trailer load. We harvested about half of our small, assorted crop—a few bushels in all—around 10 days ago, and left the rest to maybe eke out a little more growth until the first killing frost. For today’s market we took in a selection of acorn squash: green Table Ace, yellow-orange Table Gold, and white Cream of the Crop…

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One Response to “Winter squash season”

  1. Matron says:

    I just love this time of year! I grow Table Queen acorn squash here. One of the best in my mind. I have also found Delicata (sweet potato squash) this year as well. Really meaty and sweet.

  2. Anita says:

    Beautiful picture… and I wish our farmer’s market was like yours!
    Our home was destroyed by a tornado last year,(Greensburg, Kansas) but we’re hoping to have our new house built in time to plant gardens next spring… we miss it!

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