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Month: April 2008


Man, what a difference a day and a bunch of degrees can make! The temperature didn’t exactly shoot up, but it went from hovering around daytime zero, to around 10°C (50°F). This was one weather trend, predicted on the 15-day-forecast weather site, that I figured wouldn’t suddenly go south (it’s…


Herbs return

Sage and thyme don’t look like much as they roll out from under the snow, but they’re good to see. Another chilly day, slightly above zero, but COLD. Still, the sunny days lately have been heating things up, and the snow is slowly receding. It’s pulled back from around the…


Spring comes Saturday!

Proper spring begins Saturday! I’m positive. Meanwhile, here’s today’s barren view from the bench, facing west, just outside the greenhouse. After a long summer’s day working in the field, this is the place to be to watch the sun go down… Coming soon!

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Chickenhouse progress

Work on the Chickenhouse has been moving along. It’s not a huge job, but all of the little bits and pieces take time, including foraging through the barn and drive shed for material to recycle. Here, you can see the bottom of the new door between the main sections, for…