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Category: Harvest

Evening harvest

In the greenhouse, harvesting in the first and last couple of hours of the day is the only way to ensure tasty salad greens. Daytime harvest is near futile, as the leaves go limp and require serious rehydration. In the chilly evening weather, plants perk up, and it’s all right…

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Rabbit food

Around here, there is a definite segment of the population for whom salad greens, while accepted as possibly “good” for you, are not really considered proper human food. I might even think it’s an old school, meat-and-potatoes farmer thing, though I haven’t chatted with enough farmers to…generalize. In any case,…


Onions for winter

Some Stuttgarter cooking onions, put aside for winter. Didn’t do much harvest saving this year, an assortment of winter squash and small pumpkins, a couple of bushels of potatoes, the same for carrots, about 30lbs of spinach, frozen, and…a bushel or so of onions.

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Onions and cabbage

The days are getting short, the weather’s cooling down, and average first frost is only three days away. It’s still officially summer, but I’m in fall mode now. Green onions and the brassicas, like this open leaf cabbage, are hardy mainstays of the fall harvest.