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Category: Seed starting

Lettuce under the lights

Checking in with the early lettuce. The seedlings are developing their first true leaves. Fluorescent lighting is inexpensive and does the trick, but it still bothers me how seedlings stretch and strain toward the available light, when what they really want is the Sun.

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Lettuce overnight

The first lettuce pushed up overnight! Here, lovely red Granada, an Oakleaf-type leaf lettuce that intensifies into a deep burgundy as it matures. Also in trays, Sierra, Simpson Elite, Two Stars and Red Salad Bowl. Now, how early will they be ready for market (the farmers’ market kicks off the…

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Rosemary revival

A little experiment in vegetative propagation—replicating rosemary from tiny, stressed cuttings. Most of the potted rosemary taken up from the herb garden last season got toasted after too many -20°C nights in the unheated greenhouse (a bit of a random how-cold-can-they-go experiment). These tiny cuttings came from one that was…

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In the mix…

My late winter farming friends: perlite, vermiculite and peat moss, the raw ingredients for a standard seed starting mix. For most veggies and herbs, I mix all three in equal parts, although a combination of any two would likely do as well. It’s soilless (no bacteria, sterile), holds water well…