Sort, bundle, bag

Fridays put this tiny farming system to the test, if we don’t get everything done for market and CSA shares, things would simply…CRUMBLE!!! Rain or shine, Friday is the main day for bringing in the weekly harvest, when we have to pick, sort, rinse, and bundle or bag 60-80 of everything that’s ready for the … Read more

First carrots plus beets!

Today we harvested the first carrots of the year (baby Nelsons), along with baby Chioggia beets, for a small custom order. Veggies seen outdoors, especially when wet, are impossibly colorful in their own particular way, quite unlike…other colorful things! I’m still and forever surprised at how deeply pleasing and satisfying it can be to simply … Read more

New view

Here’s a view of the lower part of the field, from an angle that I don’t check out too often, looking over the garlic, past mesclun, carrots, green onions, beets, to the greenhouse, and you can see the veggie stand—it’s still roofless—tucked away behind. (Normally, only the mesclun would be in this area, with the … Read more

Set to explode

There are many particularly exciting points during the growing season, and this is one of ’em! We’re on the third plantings for some crops, things are emerging everywhere, and some plantings are just getting ready to put on serious growth towards maturity and harvest. In other words, the field is getting ready to explode with … Read more