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Tiny farming quick reference

For a strictly online and 100% free tiny farming crash course, here’s more or less all the basic info you need to start growing food and raising chickens for eggs and meat, hacked together from web pages. Each article is quick to read, or easily skimmed for the answer to your question.

  • Biodynamic agriculture explained – The best quick intro to biodynamic farming that I’ve found, all on one page, and illustrated, too…
  • Chicken eggs FAQ – Quick answers to the most likely egg questions.
  • Crop rotation for vegetables – A quick, practical summary (and how-to) of an ultimately complex and complicated subject.
  • Edible flowers – General notes and an annotated list of ornamentals, veggies and herbs.
  • Equipment needs for veggie farms – Detailed equipment requirements for various sizes of veggie farm (absolutely accurate!).
  • Get to know your soil – The basics of soil composition and how it affects plants..
  • Insects & pest control basics – Practical entomology for gardeners.
  • Irrigation 101 – A solid, quick intro to small farm irrigation basics.
  • Marketing online – Save on time, money and distraction, by sticking to the essentials for web sites and social media.
  • Moon planting guide – Planting according to the phases of the moon may be worth a try.
  • Plant disease basics – A light introduction to plant pathology.
  • Plant naming explained – Common names vs botanical names, and how plants are named.
  • Poultry butchering – A step-by-step, illustrated guide, with lots of alternatives and general information.
  • Rainfall calculator –  How many gallons is one inch of rain on one acre of land? Questions like these, easily answered here.
  • Raising chickens for meat – A quick intro to small-scale raising of meat birds, not a detailed how-to, but a good summary that accurately covers all the basics.
  • Root cellar basics – A practical intro to root cellaring and long-term veggie storage.
  • Seed germination basics – Essentials of seed and seedling biology and practice.
  • Seed saving guide– A quick-reading, solid guide, with details for common garden veggies—all you need to get started.
  • Seed storage times – Chart shows how long seeds last (estimates for some veggies vary quite a bit by source; when in doubt, do a germination test).
  • Seeds per gram – Chart showing number of seeds by weight for (North American) garden veggies.
  • Sunrise and sunset (daylength) calendars – Sunrise/sunset and moon phase calendar for anywhere in the world.
  • Vegetable growing guide – Individual guides to growing 61 garden vegetables.
  • Veggie planting chart – Basic veggie planting info: seed quantity, spacing, depth, yield, more…
  • Weather averages – Monthly average and highest/lowest stats for temperature, precipitation, wind, etc, for any location, worldwide.
  • Weeds as soil indicators – Determine soil condition by seeing what plants are naturally growing on a piece of land. // Pg2:

If you run into cool pages that you think belong here, or better ones than those already listed, please let me know!