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Month: April 2007

Spot the spinach

Can you see them? The first thin green lines of the season are emerging. Always exciting! Here, part of the first four beds (650′) of Bloomsdale and Spargo spinach. It’s coming along…

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O, the luxury!

No sooner fixed than in the field! This combo of little riding mower and old snowmobile trailer is possibly my favorite tiny farming tool, a decadent* alternative to walking up and down the garden plot. Around here, you can walk miles in a day, especially if you forget things and…

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Fixed it

The riding mower finally got a new transmission belt, putting it back in commission. It had been sorely missed all spring. This little workhorse, designed to sedately trim suburban lawns, has over the last three years done some serious small-farming duty. It’s used to mow the garden paths, chop up…


Getting busy

Hot peppers, and tomatoes behind. They’re some of the last set of seedlings, a bit of an experiment to see how late I can start ’em without slowing down later growth in the field. Outdoors, it’s been warm, gray and drizzling for two days now, things are starting to emerge,…


Field at night

Nights are warming up now, so it looks like I won’t be cruising through the near pitch black field much longer, checking temperature in the greenhouse. There’s not much to see or do out there after dark.

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