First veg in the field: it’s peas!

Another little new-farm-new-field memorable moment: the first direct seeded crops, Sugar Ann snap (edible pod) peas are poking up. They were seeded just over a week ago, I’ve been watching them germinate, and today I first noticed them actually pushing up greenery. Not that I expected anything other than emergence as usual, still…this is cool! … Read more

Potatoes delivered

Seed potatoes arrived today, all the way from tiny PEI (Canada’s potato province!). It’s still difficult to find certified organic potato stock, especially in more-than-home-garden-less-than-big-farm quantities, so it’s back to Veseys for another 300 super-expensive pounds, from 1,000 miles (1,600 km) away. Not too local, but that’s part of the certified organic game, finding seed… … Read more

Red cabbage

Besides the older seedlings, clamoring to get out, we’ve been starting new guys as well, for later planting. Here, a few days after emerging, a baby Cairo (hybrid) red cabbage, for crowded growing (12″ spacing), to produce “baby,” “gourmet” cabbages—basically, small ones! Elsewhere, Brussels sprouts, savoy cabbage, bok choi, and more. And it’s time for … Read more