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Month: February 2008

Still snowy

What would you expect at this time of year around here? This, I guess. Although we haven’t had any real storms lately, the snow keeps coming down here and there. The 15-day forecast has a short warmer stretch next week, and then below-freezing days through to mid-March. We’ll see…

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Parsley update

Around two weeks after showing up, the first set of curly parsley is putting out its first true leaves. This is Krausa Market, a “triple curled” leaf variety. Aka moss-curled. There’s also double-curled leaves, like the Forest Green and Green Pearl, also in the trays. Single-curled? Don’t think so… I…


Tea and fungi

Chamomile tea prevents damping off—I’m a believer! It’s one of those natural but-do-they-really-work remedies, used where more product-minded folks would fork over a few bucks for a bottle of No-Damp fungicide… I brew up a batch of tea, dilute it by eye to a pale gold,  and apply every couple…