Tiny Farm Stories

Not quite "once upon a time"... Instead, all the posts about a particular project, experiment or exploration, conveniently grouped and ordered into easy-to-navigate series that kinda read like a story.

Expanding the Milkhouse


Expanding the old milk collection room from the farm’s dairy days, into a fully-insulated seed-starting room, summer workroom, and cozy winter seed-catalog-browsing and next-season-planning hideaway.

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Small wonders, little mysteries


A collection of at least mildly unusual-to-me things found in and around the veggie plot.

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Starting seeds


The tools and methods I use to start seeds indoors, to grow seedlings for transplant.

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Tools for making plans


Tiny farming is pretty simple, but without a plan, it’s easy to get literally in the weeds. How many tomato plants to grow for how many pounds (or kilos) of tomatoes a week? How much ground to prepare for those plants? How much space for those seedlings under lights? When to plant the seeds, and how much seed to buy in the first place…? To get set and stay organized, you need some tools…

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Grass mulch


Experimenting with dried grass cuttings from mowing, as a substitute for straw or other mulch.

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