Edible extras

Brassica flowers: edible!

Leftovers, really, as bok choi and mizuna make their way toward producing seed by putting out bursts of cheerful little flowers. Normally, these plants would be tilled under way before this stage, making way for a new seeding, but since the ground is still too wet to work where they are, we’ve left them in for a bit, to harvest and toss into salad mix at the market. The stems can get woody at this point, the farther down you go, snipping off the tops or only the petals will do the trick. Mildly flavorful, mainly for the color!

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  1. Dear Tiny Farmer, I`ve just discovered the joy of planting in my late 30`s, mostly I`m interested in smelly flowers to attract bees, and perhaps hummingbirds.


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