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Jerusalem artichoke update

Jerusalem artichoke tubers

The Jerusalem artichoke leaves died off in the cold a few weeks ago, not too long after flowering, and I’d kind of not thought about ’em in a while (they’re right by the 26 rosemary plants that have to be potted and brought in at some point, maybe that had something to do with it—I’m trying to figure out how to keep the rosemary without putting them under lights…another little puzzle). Anyhow, I wandered over today and cleared away an inch or so of dark, cold soil to find…beautiful, big, bulbous TUBERS. I’ve been looking forward to this from the beginning. It’s always excellent to see a first-time crop come through! I didn’t dig deeper, but from this peek, it looks like my original stock of 45 pieces has multiplied at least six or seven times, well on the way to real choke production next season. I’ll harvest some soon and…eat them!



  1. greg hellner

    raised sunchokes since early 70’s , clip seedheads off and feed to animals. they do come up from seed, i pull them from my hosta beds all summer. some years i clip like a hedge

  2. Sue

    My Rosemary stays outside all year long. I am in Oregon. Should I bring it in?

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