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Still alive? Not quite well


Rosemary, potted in the Autumn from the herb beds, has taken a bit of beating and probably not survived. It’s weathered several intensely cold nights already, out here in the unheated greenhouse, and I kinda wanted to see if they could make it through the winter. What a difference last night made, not colder than any others, it’s probably the night after night that got ’em. Well, inside they go to see if there’ll be any miraculous recoveries.



  1. Oh, poor rosemary. I’ve had two lovely plants die this year also… the sudden cold snaps are just awful for them.

  2. Steve Mudge

    Did they ever come back? I get conflicting stories about how cold tolerant Roemary is. Seems to weather the winters here which will occasionally get around 18 degs F.

  3. Steve: I’ve clearly got a thing for testing rosemary and hardiness… I brought those rosemary in, a couple started to put out tiny, pale new growth on only some branches, then died except for one. I started a bunch of cuttings from that one, which worked out quite well. They were transplanted to the garden last spring, and continued just fine…but now they’re still stuck under snow (I never brought ’em in…). They get tested again! I’ve found varieties online that’re apparently really hardy, and the unnamed variety I have could probably take 18°F in the ground, not in pots, maybe with some mulch or cover…. We’ll see how they do, along with the Barbecue cultivar, later on…

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