Ahhh, spring!

Fall-plowed field in late March

Finally, a sunny, warmish day! Checking out the new market garden field, plowed and disked from unused pasture last Fall, drying out now. New season, more start-up, still exciting!


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  1. I live in North Texas (8a) and am amazed that kale, chard, spinach, and other greens I planted last September actually survived the brutal 9 degree temperatures we experienced this Winter. And with nothing but a thin row cover thrown over them.

    I was counting on reworking those beds for my Spring veggies, but lo and behold the greens came back and are as bountiful now as they were all Fall.  And we do love our greens, so I’m using other beds for my veggie seedlings, which have been under lights for the past couple of months.

    Great site!  I’m starting to chart my progress as well.

  2. JB: Yeah, it’s amazing to see what can survive even our Canadian winters, and how well, and EARLY, it comes back. Other than garlic, I’ve never gotten around to actually planting in fall for spring, but I intend to! Spinach is the obvious winter-hardy crop, and I’m sure other things could work as well, especially with a little row cover protection. Good score! :)

  3. That looks ready to plant.  BTW, I don’t know if you care, but I tried to “pick” this over on Blotanical, and couldn’t. Whenever I clicked on the title of this post, I got Stuart’s picture(!?)
    Here’s hoping your good weather holds!

  4. I just plowed my fields up the other day and we started planting carrots. unfortunately we got rained out, but it seems like its going to be a great summer. Lots of planting left to do but its all worth it.

  5. Hello from the central coast California!
    I am so envy that you have 2 acres, I have tiny tiny garden. 
    We have mild winter, so I tried golden and red potatoes during winder and it survived. It was so yummy. I already put potatoes, onions, lettuces and tomatoes in my garden.
    I am harvesting cucumbers and tomatoes that I grow inside. 
    I can’t wait to harvest more! 

    If you interested I have photos on my blog.

  6. Here in Northeastern PA the spring was cool and very wet. We are already 6 inches over our average rainfall amount for the year, with 6 1/2 months left. Planting was delayed about 3 weeks due to the fields being too wet. Hopefully the summer growing season will turn out better for the crops.

  7. Looks good soil to me! I can imagine looking it with a traditional barn and some farm pets!  I always wanted to retire and settle on an out back house in the future.  This lot is a winner!

  8. Just wanted people to know out there the benefits of vermicomposting. We have had amazing results.  We got our worms from Karla’s Red Worm Ranch telephone 619 436 1866

  9. Okay, I know this sounds super trashy (no pun intended) but apparently you can plant potatoes in a garbage bin. Obvously, a clean one! We also have a small farm & this sounds like an awesome space saver.

  10. That sure looks like a lot of work to be done. Plowing for dead plants and then planting again. I hope farmers won’t hurt their back while doing this process. This scenery reminds me so much of our land (we have bearing fruit tress instead). Having a big piece of land entails a lot of work. I would definitely like to try and plant some vegetable and harvest them too. :) 

  11. This looks like a very good and healthy soil that you can plant on. I hope that the plants or vegetables that will be growing here would be healthy as well. I hope I could try and plant some just like this.


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