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Bye-bye, sweet peppers…

Frost-killed sweet peppers

A mildly golden late afternoon sun turned the beds of dead peppers into a stunningly rich sea of color amongst the greens and browns. Peppers seem to have their own way of dying off in the cold (at least, under row cover, where they usually are in autumn). Instead of turning a sickly, muddy green, then quickly to grayish-brown as they dry out, like eggplant and tomatoes, the peppers tend to fade from green to greenish-yellow and dry in pale golds and tawny browns. Interesting… I’m not sure if this is standard behavior, but it’s how they seem to go around here! After rolling up the last of the row cover and snapping a couple of pics, it was on to the Kubota compact tractor for a quick tilling, and this year’s sweet peppers are…gone!

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