Farm gothic?

Antique tricycle, new seat

All sorts of old things are being unearthed as the entire farm gets a thorough, top-to-bottom, no-drawer-unpulled going through, something that probably hasn’t been done in a century. There are all kinds of finds, like horse-drawn plows and a farm-built chicken defeathering machine. Today’s most intriguing item for me: an old, iron tricycle (with an upgrade, a much newer seat). No-one here is sure, but the guess is that it’s gotta be a good hundred years old. Except for the plastic seat, which looks more like the last 30-50 years. It’s cool because the design and construction are soothingly simple (and easily fixable), although it looks like it delivers a bumpy ride on those solid rubber tires, especially on gravel in the barnyard. For some reason, though, I also find it mildly creepy… Imagining the squeakily-pedaling ghosts of farm children past, I guess. Yikes… :)


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  1. You’re really lucky with the stuff you find. I dig up lots of old stuff, but seldom anything so interesting and useful as tricycles or ploughs. The best I’ve found to date was the front-bumper off a 1950’s-era car (don’t know where the remainder of the car went, though — perhaps thankfully!) and most of an iron bedstead, though in very poor condition.

    The best to date was an old, and very large, axe-head. It’s great finding these connections to the people who occupied our farms before us. Please keep us posted on your finds!

  2. SO COOL!  If the trike should ever want for a good home, I’d love to buy it.  It would be right at home in my foyer next to the much less cool one I found on my street corner a while back:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite a while now…almost a full season I think.  I’m insane with jealousy over your ability to extend your CSA season so far into the fall.  I was actually just thinking today
    (while I prepped the very last of my last CSA share root veggies and other assorted Thanksgiving stuff) that I need to send your link to my farmer as a little hint :)

  3. Isn’t that lovely! Artifacts from old homesteads are favorite objects of mine; such tangible feel for the people who came before. I have an ancient wheelchair that, also creeps me out, but is so unique.

  4. It makes me think of The Shining movie, awesome find.  I just wouldn’t want to see anything funny sitting on it near the twilight hour.

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