Fixed it

Repairing the riding mower

The riding mower finally got a new transmission belt, putting it back in commission. It had been sorely missed all spring. This little workhorse, designed to sedately trim suburban lawns, has over the last three years done some serious small-farming duty. It’s used to mow the garden paths, chop up big crop residue like corn, and haul everything around the field: gear, compost, rocks, building materials, harvest bins and baskets. Elsewhere, more gray drizzle and lots of potting up and moving seedlings to the greenhouse. The rain’s been great. Sun, please.

4 thoughts on “Fixed it”

  1. christhamrin: Yeah, it works out! :) I think it’s a flat land/fairly smooth, dry surface thing, though, the riding mower isn’t made to pull, and it doesn’t work with any sort of load as soon as there’s a slope (particularly, an even slightly wet, slippery one). I’ve hauled up to maybe 400lbs (rocks!) on the more or less flat field, but when I tried the slope to the pond, it wouldn’t pull a fraction of that. I dunno about other riding mowers, I imagine they’re the same, not geared for pulling (the Kubota compact tractor is the same 15hp as the mower, and it has NO PROBLEMS). Dunno about ATVs, they sound like they’d be better at it if you have slopes, rutty paths and the like.


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