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Flies to heat

Fly on the greenhouse

It’s summer again! At least, it’s suddenly a whole lot warmer than it’s been for a while, as any fly can tell you. I headed out to the greenhouse in the late morning to find flies all about, buzzing to get out, and basking on the plastic outside. It’s kinda creepy how they slow as it gets colder, like some sort of tiny machines winding down, eventually disappearing off somewhere to hibernate (I think that’s what they do), only to suddenly reanimate given a little heat. Anyhow, a few days of 60°F+ (15°C) and sunshine are in the forecast, and I believe it!


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  1. Wow, what a cool picture!  I can even see the hairs on the littel beasty’s legs.  He needs to make an appointment to have his back waxed, lol!  It’s late I better go before any other lame comments slip out…

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