Frost protection

Floating row cover for frost protection

With last night’s forecast calling for -3°C, I finally figured a little floating row cover frost protection might be a good idea. In fact, though, with the cloudy, windy, wet conditions right through to Saturday evening, a solid freeze didn’t seem all that likely. And that turned out to be the case. The min/max thermometer outside the greenhouse registered a low of -5°C, but only a few crops suffered minor damage. Even the basil, which is really tender, did well: the top layer of leaves took one for the team, but the rest were fine. Here, some sweet pepper plants sit under cover, but the forecast for the next week is…quite warm. When exactly does the season end?

4 thoughts on “Frost protection”

  1. Wow, that’s wild that it still hasn’t frozen up their for you. Down in New Mexico we already got our first frost the 7th, about 10 days earlier than normal. Can’t predict what ma nature will bring

  2. …and here in Fort Worth, Texas the nightime temperature finally dipped into the 60’s…and I finally figured out why there hadn’t been any tomato hornworms all season–it was too hot! With the cooler weather they’re back and ravenous.

  3. It feels very odd… Sunday night, it got even colder, a few varieties of tomato got smoked, but other than that, nothing much. The basil got more toasted, but there are still good leaves. Maybe even a hard everything’s-white frost isn’t what it used to be?! :)

  4. Should you water while frost is on the plants or wiat till they have warm up. 

    I have new yard in north Florida and we had a frost last night.  Would it be good for me to sprinkle my yard while frost is still on the young centipeded grass. 


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