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Dried Cayenne Long Slim hot peppers

Finally finished a bit of hot pepper harvest, now there’s a convenient pile of dried heat! A few weeks ago, wondering whether to cover for frost, I decided to also pull up some hot pepper plants, roots and all, instead. An experiment! We loaded about 20 of the Cayenne Long Slim on the cart and dumped them in the Milkhouse, heaped on the grow racks that we’d been using, with the lights removed, as summer storage shelves. And there they sat, blending into the decor, drying, the peppers that were still green maturing to red. Until today… (This is the kind of thing you can do in a Milkhouse, not so acceptably in a real house…) They’re satisfyingly high on the heat scale, delivering a little pain if you don’t sample carefully. Great!

Hot peppers dried on the bush

Here’s how they looked pre-harvest, everything brittle, the peppers easy to snap off.



  1. another great way to dry chillie peppers (and decorate your house at the same time) is to make ristas. simply cut the peppers off the plants with a bit of the stalk still on and simply thread them all on to a piece of cotton. then just hang them up to dry and use them as required!

  2. These look amazing I love to dry habanero myself.  less heat but ALL the flavor!

  3. elleme

    I made ristas too for the first time this year, using cayennes. They dried fast and the chillies are nicely hot. I might even have enough left to get me through the winter, but if not my plants, brought indoors are still flowering and fruiting on a windowsill.

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