Hoarding wood like gold

Stashing scrap lumber

Calling it scrap lumber doesn’t do any pile of spare wood justice. On the tiny farm, you always make space to accumulate someday useful stuff that elsewhere might get tossed. Waste not, want not! This collection of old fence boards, rough cut cedar planks, odds and ends of 2×4’s, and other bits will piece by piece have its day. Meanwhile, it needs to be moved to a more sheltered spot, raised off the ground, before the snow really comes in. Today seemed like a good day to do it…

3 thoughts on “Hoarding wood like gold”

  1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with a “junk” pile of wood in the yard.  I unfortunately don’t have an indoor space to store it though.  For now propping it up against a shed for the winter will have to do.  I always seem to be looking for strips of wood for various reasons throughout the summer.  I was amazed at how much was left lying in the garden by this fall after being used for trellises, weighing down row covers, etc.



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