Late frost warning

The frost warning for last night didn’t come to anything, but it’s on again for tonight. Yesterday, we covered about 500 tomatoes, some of the peppers, eggplant, and beans, and even the basil. I don’t really think there’ll be a deadly hard frost, so this is only partial insurance. Covering half the field seemed a little much. Here, the tomatoes are somewhat safer than if they were exposed, but the delicate tops are taking a beating from the cover, and if it does freeze up, frozen dew on the row cover fabric will toast the parts of the plants directly in contact. It’s a rough little bit of weather insurance. It’ll be great to have it over tomorrow. Cross fingers!

2 thoughts on “Late frost warning”

  1. Your blog is like a serial! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to read the next entry… did the frost come, did the crops survive?

  2. Andrea, I’m late on my post, but no, we were spared. Some beans were fairly burnt by the cold, but nothing was lost or severely set back. Yesterday we dropped some stuff off 25 miles away and they had 1/4″ of ice on their pond the night before, and their veggie garden was killed dead…


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