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Making mulch, part 4

Bags of grass-and-alfalfa mulch

Fat bags of kinda fluffy grass-and-alfalfa mulch are the satisfying end of this little experiment (well, the real end comes next spring when we see how it does at sheltering the garlic for the winter). For this second batch, the bags are actually step 2, not part 4: I eliminated the greenhouse drying stage by letting the cut dry in the field and bagging it on the spot (which was always the plan—cut, wait, bag—the first time was just a bad weather thing). A small but to me really satisfying part is reusing those big clear leaf bags. We go through at least three or four new ones almost every week of the market season, for fresh cut spinach, mesclun, and other greens. They’re used once, and then I’ve been saving them for the last three years for JUST THIS PURPOSE! It’s great to see your plans materialize, right before your eyes!! Little things, big pleasure…

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