Melt-off complete!


Well, it’s done! Four days of steady melting, from Saturday to late this afternoon, and the main snow coverage, which had been up to a foot (30cm) deep in parts of the field on Friday, is gone. The small pics are from Saturday, Sunday and Monday late afternoon. Huge puddles remain today, twice the usual of the last three years, and they’ll take more than the usual couple of days to seep away. There’s a big pile of snow this side of the greenhouse, shouldn’t have plowed that snowbank there, I’ll probably break it up with the Kubota compact tractor. And there’s the remains along the fence line, that shrinks at its own slow, protected pace. For most of the garden, drying out is underway. Cool!

8 thoughts on “Melt-off complete!”

  1. Bbbrrrr! Being from Texas I get cold just from looking at that snow/ice, but it looks like planting comes soon! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out this year. Looks like a lot of fun work ahead of you guys. Good luck this year!

  2. Mike,

    Have you seen the french documentary on Monsanto? I thought they were satan, now this leaves no doubt. No doubt this will disappear so watch while it is still up.

  3. willing hands organic farm: I saw your comment only a couple of hours after you posted it and tried the link, but it was already not available. Monsanto is a fascinating company, their entire history is one essentially bad thing after another, all big-time and money-making and…not good. I spent a lot of my first two winters of tiny farming on Wikipedia, working on all sorts of agriculture-related articles. It was kinda like my farming night school, as I learned about stiff I’d fill in basic info in articles there. Anyhow, I made lots of additions to the Monsanto article, so I was pretty familiar with their history. It’s fascinating how they invariably manage to find big, nasty technology. They started with saccharin, and were sued by the US government over its safety near the beginning of the 20th century (they won). Agent Orange, first genetically modify plant cells, PCBs, Terminator seed (producing sterile crops), bovine growth hormone… Wow. And all with tons of aggressive litigation and legal defense. There are other big companies doing similar stuff, but Monsanto manages to stay in front for weird and disturbing products. I try not to pay too much attention to this stuff as a matter of course these days, unless someone lets me know about something interesting, as you did. I’ll try to find the doc!

    Deborah: Thanks! It’s good to know that TFB is out there promoting good cheer! :)

  4. sorry there is a typo in my link, Deborah has the correct one. This is absolutely riveting, almost 2 hours. I did not know Monsanto’s history and it is chilling. They are absolutely evil! I fear for future farmers, and our global food system in general.


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