Pea vs drought


Pea vs drought: Sad and scary when plants die from lack of water. Seems way worse to me than being ravaged by pests. Kinda makes you realize how vulnerable we are. This isn’t a full-on drought, just an extended dry spell with no rain for a couple of weeks and counting. Most crops are doing fine, and only a few shallowly buried peas are getting toasted, so really, it’s all good!

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  1. I have come across some research showing that a number of plants can be more adequately protected from drought conditions by using certain bio-stimulants with them… From beneficial microbes to electro-horticulture (my specialty). The physiological effect is a tightening up of the cell walls, helping to keep moisture within the plant.

    Perhaps you could try to electrify a small region of your field to see if it’s an effective method for use with peas.


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