Perfect growing day

The View in early June

Hot but not a scorcher, a bit of a breeze, full sun in a clear blue sky… Even at a distance, the field is starting to show clear signs of vigorous veggie activity (see one month ago). And, amazingly (although, according to plan!), we’re on top of the weeds. Today was a bit of a semi-day off for me, with only a few hours here and there of hand-weeding, and lots of strolling around thinking about this and that (mostly, about things on the neverending to-do list…). Particularly now, still in spring start-up mode, tiny farming is REALLY full-time, you’ve gotta be into it 100%…so, you’d best love it as well. I’m having fun!

4 thoughts on “Perfect growing day”

  1. I’m a city girl and I just started gardening in containers for fun. I found your site just looking around for blogs of more experienced gardeners. But seeing your pictures, I feel so jealous! I’m still in college and I find myself thinking more and more about what excuse I could give to just move away and start a farm!
    Sadly, I know nothing about farms (except what I learned in first grade when I wanted to be a farmer). My major is business, so it makes little sense.
    But I long for the long horizon, the smell, a sweaty day full of work…
    Thank you for reminding me this is what I want :) It might not be clear how, but eventually Ill figure out a way and follow your steps!

  2. Sofia: Your blog is hilarious. I check it almost every day. I should send you my tiny eggplants (and tiny peppers, too). Making the leap from whatever to…small farming isn’t as hard as it may sound, especially since you’ve already gotten started. Think about it a lot, and it’ll, um, HAPPEN. ;)

  3. Thank you :) I hope you are right and it will happen for me! It sounds hard and years away… but I can be patient :) and in the meantime just learn from everyone else’s experiences.

    Ps. I’m in LOVE with the red building in the background of your picture… I might just have to move there!

  4. Sofia, I understand your longing. I grew up in the country, went to the city supposedly just for a year, and then it took many years to get back.

    You’re a business major? Well, some farm folks I know paid for their son’s university to study business and return to the farm. Business knowledge is no small asset on farms these days.

    To see if the farming life is really for you, why not work on a farm durning summers? (…and if you can afford to work for almost nothing, there’s always WOOFERS)


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