Rosemary under snow

Rosemary in snow

The rosemary’s looking quite fresh and perky, buried tip deep in snow. There are many cultivars, some apparently able to overwinter in quite brutal cold. I have three types here, two without names (one a survivor of last winter’s rosemary greenhouse debacle), plus a new Barbecue cultivar. How hardy are they? Are they as happy as they look in the snow? Will I eventually take them in (as planned)? Or mulch them where they stand?

7 thoughts on “Rosemary under snow”

  1. Beautiful picture. I’ve never been able to keep rosemary alive. It’s encouraging to see it in snow. Maybe there’s a variety I can grow after all.

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  3. I snitched this one for my desktop at work and am enjoying it tremendously! Being marooned in an area of the lower 48 that has no chance of seeing the white stuff ::sigh::, this pic is definitely putting me in a holiday mood :) My thanks to you, sir!

  4. Melanie, I’m happy that you’ve found a good use for the pic! I was startled at first when I got comments like “fabulous” and even, um, “inspirational” about the photos. I just get as close as I can focus and…click! I soon realized the obvious: even in pictures, people like plants! :)

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  6. I, for one, always end up killing my rosemary.  Have you figured out the name of the cultivar you have that is hardy enough to overwinter?

  7. I need to know that cultivar! I moved from Texas to Maryland, and for three years straight I tried to grow rosemary, and for three years straight I have failed.


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