Snow days

Snowy road

Another day, another 6″ (15cm) of snow. This time, it came down in a proper, visibility-reducing mini-blizzard for just a while. I haven’t been listening to the news, which includes weather news, so I’m not sure whether we’re setting any records for early, wintry behavior, but compared to the last five-six years, this is something different. White Christmas, coming up!

4 thoughts on “Snow days”

  1. Whoa! We had a storm the weekend before this (Friday, Saturday, Sunday all day) but it has almost all melted already (all 15″!).  Stay safe, okay?   Those conditions are scary!

  2. Seems to be a North America wide phenomenon. In British Columbia we have been pummeled with a deep freeze and snow. Victoria, our capital, on Vancouver Island set a record and was whiter than Inuvik near the Arctic Ocean. Usually this time of year in Victoria, it’s umbrellas not snow shoes! In Endako, Central B.C., where we live it’s been snowing for several days now. A great time to stay snuggled up.


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