South slope waiting

South-facing slope in early March

The promising south-facing slope is there, plowed and waiting! After the last melt-off, we quickly went back to freezing temperatures day and night, and more wall-to-wall snow cover. A couple of days ago, a bit of chilly rain cleared things up quite a bit once again. Today, it’s frigid!

5 thoughts on “South slope waiting”

  1. Hi Mike – I really enjoy your blog and can’t wait to see what you do with the new farm.  Have you any direct observations of  how much better a sfs actually is? (length of growing season, frost, etc.) Do you think it would be advantageous to place a greenhouse on an sfs?  Also, I wonder if the advantages of an sfs are inversely proportional to the disadvantages of a north facing slope.  Maybe cool season crops will do better in the summer on a nfs?  Thanks. 

  2. Before you know it you will be out working in the soil. Can’t wait to see the new farm in action, Your operation is very inspiring.

  3. We live on 240 acres of SFS. About 500 feet above a valley floor. It’s usually 6 degrees warmer in the winter and our season starts at least two weeks before the valley bottom. Of course most of our garden in logging truck tires so we start growing a month before anyone in the valley.


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