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The indispensably cheap sprinkler

Cheap lawn sprinklers

Cheap! To truly appreciate tiny farming, you have to embrace the humble tools that make it all possible, like these cheap ($6) plastic lawn sprinklers that work with the well pump’s low pressure (maybe 20% of normal urban tap psi), where better quality models are too well-built (heavy) to move. On the hunt for more replacements, I picked up a couple of versions at a second stop, after a failed attempt in the sprawling garden center of a giant hardware store, where they’d stopped carrying the cheap stuff. Overhead irrigation is inefficient at any scale, what with evaporation and water being blown off target, but at this small scale, it’s still an effective time-saver for watering in newly seeded beds…


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  1. I really love foggers on my outer periphery and the retro classic brass ones for my 1-acre front yard. But these are good for those little beds you happen to plant here and there that need more watering and more control with a separate waterline.

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