Valuable stuff!

Collection of gear

A tableful of useful gear, arrayed for further sorting after the greenhouse clean-up a couple of days ago. If you see this collection as probable junk, the remains of an uninspiring yard sale, anything less than EXCITING, then it may be hard to convey how much small farming involves an intimate, practically passionate, relationship with little tools and devices. At least, for me it does! I’m not into miracle gadgets, but I’ll try anything that looks cleverly useful, time-saving, labor-saving. Many don’t work out (at times because they’re scaled to TOO tiny a garden), but staying in a tight budget avoids much waste. Of course, first and foremost, there are basic tools that simply do what they’re intended to, work well, and don’t break, which is not that common. Each time you find one of those, it’s almost like falling in love! :)

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  1. Tools are pivotal! At last, someone who has this growing passion too! Please number and describe, if you would, each item?   Better – write a book/manual  (or at least jot notes on recipe cards) especially about how you solved difficulties so those of us who are not as smart can avoid so many mistakes and wasted time. I will buy your book…promise!  Just love this!!! Thank you


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