Change of view

Snowy marget garden in November

Last month, this month, the seasons march on. It looks farily snowbound, but this could all melt off in a single unseasonably warm day. Like last winter. (Browse through last January if you’ve forgotten the completely odd DOUBLE melt-off we had back then…). There’s never a dull moment with our thoroughly modern weather!

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4 Responses to “Change of view”

  1. Le Petit Normand says:

    I hope you will enjoy some rest in the next few weeks, january is almost here and like you I will start again all my seedlings (with one big exception, I grow a 1/5th of an acre)

  2. Enjoy some downtime now, and thanks for the posting that beautiful photo.

  3. Mike (tfb) says:

    Thanks! I’m chilling out a bit now, but it’s gonna be a really busy winter of change, as you’ll see!

  4. Scott says:

    I see the green house in the distance.  Do you try to maintain any crops over the winter?  I’ve heard you can keep spinach (won’t grow) but it’ll be fresh all winter long.

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