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A brief return to winter

Two days of snowfall

It snowed fairly steadily yesterday and today, transforming everything with that pretty but kinda unwanted winter wonderland effect. Looks like around 4-6″ (10-15cm) so far… (I don’t keep track of snowfall the way I do rain!) This isn’t forecast to last, it should warm up and be all gone in 3-4 days, and then the temperature is supposed to jump. Drying out time…

That first day of being able to actually work the field is always so different each year, especially the last 4-5 crazy weather years. Two years ago, peas went in the first week of April. Last year, it went from too-wet-to-work, to needing irrigation, in one mid-April week. Who knows how it’ll go this time around.

With the new garden, extra steps like disking, rototilling, and waiting a bit for the grass to break down some more, not to mention, prepping the ground for and putting up the greenhouse,  make timing particularly critical. The farmers’ market officially starts in less than FOUR WEEKS. CSA shares begin second or third week of June. I can feel the adrenaline bubbling up just writing about it: timing and the WEATHER! :)



  1. Wow, lots of snow, We received about an inch Monday evening here in Brantford, ON. It is pretty much all gone today thankfully. I was freaking a little about the crops I had in the cold frame and brought them all inside.

  2. Melissa

    Wow, all that snow in April!  By the way, just wanted to say I absolutely love your blog.  It is so informative, and interesting.  I’ve learned a lot!  So thanks for doing it. :-)

  3. Dett

    God, I’m glad we have nice weather now here in Austria! I would go crazy if it snowed that much now!
    Good luck with your timing and the weather! I’m totally sure that you get it right and that it will warm up the next week!

  4. Art Blomquist

    ‘Tis the winter of our discontent.” … Red Green

    I can relate to this pic.  I got the skid steer stuck a week ago trying to plow a path to my Garden!

  5. Ughhh nobody should have to endure snow in April…it is rather pretty though!  I hope it melts soon for you, Kim

  6. Charlotte

    Thank you for your advice!  I didn’t ask, but I was secretly hoping you’d give it (I didn’t want to make you feel obligated to read my blog, or anything, haha.)  We actually have a flourescent desk lamp that I think might help a little, and I will follow your advice further and plant some new seeds next to the sprouts.

    Thanks again!  I’ll have an update next Wednesday.  :)

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