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Ahhh, snow!

First snow of the year

Just like that, SNOW, the first fall of the year, nearly three weeks ahead of last year! The view is from  Milkhouse door, facing the gate to the garden field. A good, solid sprinkling lasting most of the day eventually left at least a couple of inches (5cm). Impressive coverage that’ll all be gone in a day or two as the weather warms up again…



  1. Holy cow!  That makes me feel extremely fortunate – I have pretty much the whole winter to get the beds turned under and ready for next year.  Nothing but rain and then some more rain. 

    I love all your pics, please keep them coming.

  2. Robin @ Seasons Eatings

    Wow!  Hardly any time between first frost and snow.  The photo is beautiful!

  3. dig this chick

    We have always had our first flakes by now in Montana. But not this year! GORGEOUS photo.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful photo! I’d love to get snow like that, but where I’m from in England we don’t ever really seem to get very much!

  5. Goodness gracious, that’s gorgeous.  :o)

  6. Wow…love snow, wish we got more of it here in the PNW.  Then again I’m not sure I would want it before Thanksgiving!  Enjoy!

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