Black locust in the melt-off

Black locust tree

The big melt-off is well underway. The weather is not scary, it’s not like a violent storm, we’re wired to appreciate the warmth, but my body knows this is rather strange. A heavy, swirling mist has been everywhere since yesterday afternoon. The temperature remained steady in the 40’s (F, that’s 5°C+) right through the night. Ground is rapidly breaking through the snow cover, which was 1′-2′ (30-60cm) across the garden field. The fog effect is always nice: just about everything looks mysterious and cool, like the nearly dead black locust tree in the farmhouse front yard (actually, that tree always looks good)…

The melt-off takes hold

The snow is seriously…receding.

14 thoughts on “Black locust in the melt-off”

  1. What a fabulous shot of the locust tree. Winter trees make magnificent photographic subjects and this one is a star.
    Is that likely to be the end of your snow for this season or is more expected before winter ends?

  2. We are having the same bizarre warm weather, with fog. Some schools were even late/closed due to the thick fog.

    I’m not sure how I first found your blog, but I sure enjoy it!

  3. I LOVE that tree. You can never take it down!
    Just got your message wishing us a happy new year!!
    Same to you! We wanted to stop in and bring some cokies or something, but never got the chance…We still will drop by though!

  4. We have had the same weather and after todays rain the snow is pretty much completely gone. You would think we’d be happy for 10 degree weather but I’d rather have cold than the wet damp stuff we have right now. But the silver lining is that of you manage to rescue those carrots from the ground I’ll have a reason to visit the Tiny Farm sooner than later.

  5. Locust looks cool. Especially in that mist :)
    Our weather is also strange – it was +5C yesterday, while 2 days before -12C in the day :) and forecast says it is going to continue. Hope plants will not start to grow.
    Greetings from over Poland,

  6. Gorgeous photo. I am starting a lumber business representing small family forests, and am specializing in Black Locust at the outset. I’d love to use your photo in my flyer.

  7. Dzien dobry.Gratuluje dobrze napisanego kawalka.Calkiem sporo mozna odszukac w internecie na ten temat ale tutaj autor wszystko objasnia jak nalezy.Dzieki!

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