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Broccoli shapes up

Broccoli's second true leaves

Broccoli, seeded a couple of weeks ago, is now putting out its second true leaves. This is good, watching the wee seedlings turn into stronger, fully-adapted little guys. This season, with a whole bunch of unknowns in a brand new garden, I’m particularly aware of every little stage, not concerned, but…watchful. Indoors, conditions are pretty well controlled, but there are different factors, like a smaller seedling room, with much lower ceilings and different ventilation and air flow, that COULD make a difference.  Probably not. Probably, with the temperature and humidity the same as always (I watch the little min/max thermometer/hygrometer a lot), that’s all that really matters. But maybe not! :) So it’s good to ACTUALLY SEE the seedlings shape up. Nothing wrong with a little extra excitement to top up the spring rush…



  1. I always enjoy your posts and am anxious to see how the season unfolds on the new property.  Great photos too!

  2. whiterice: Since you’re anxious already, you can be anxious for me as well, and I can just chill! :)  I’m happy you enjoy the blog, that makes it fun to do!

  3. thank goodeness there is someone who is more anxious than me!! Can you imagine if it were real babies we looked after!?? What I don’t understand is why don’t my seedlings grow faster when I shout at them? ‘Grow you Buggers!’

  4. FarmCat

    Due to some health problems I am just seeding my broccoli now; hope it will have a long enough start.

    I have not tried broccoli before. All the instructions I found talked about how prone to disease it is and how the seed should be treated in a hot water bath (122 degrees F for 20 minutes) to kill pathogens. I went ahead and did that, but I am concerned about the accuracy of my thermometer–hope I didn’t kill the seeds. Do you treat your seeds? Do you have any trouble with black rot, etc., in your seedlings?

  5. FarmCat: Broccoli should be no problem to germinate. All of the brassicas I’ve run into come up really quick, in as little as 3-4 days at around 70°F, and the seedlings have so far been trouble free. As long as you have good seed, from a reliable seed company, or a seed saver who knows what they’re doing, I don’t think you need hot water treatments or worries. Using soilless seedling mix can help avoid disease that could come from using garden soil for seed starting. And you can plant at least twice, spring and mid-summer for fall harvest, so you have lots of opportunity for broccoli success! :)

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