Leafless tree

Suddenly, this morning, it’s cold! For this time of year, that’s a forecast of 4°C (39°F) all day, and -6°C (21°F) overnight. Brrrr… Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t even notice the leaves turning in their usual intense explosion of reds and yellows, this time around, the trees kinda just went bare with a minimum of flash, and here we are! Round about now, this is as good a day as any to pick as the end of the old season, start of the new farming year!

7 thoughts on “Brrrr…”

  1. Did you guys get a lot of late fall rain up north?  We did down here in the GTA and it took off almost all of the leaves just as they were starting to turn color.  A cold wet fall without even the joy of seeing the fall leaves.  Next year hopefully!

    • Yeah, maybe that’s it with the leaves, we got a ton of rain here, a couple inches some weeks, in the last two months. Crazy weather as usual! Next year, always! :)

  2. That’s one of the things I miss about the north.  In the deep southern US, the leaves go from green to brown, and then fall off of the trees.  No pretty colors in between.


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