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Parsnip root flashback

Parsnip root

This harvested parsnip root only hints at the massive root systems that plants have down there. Mature parsnips can root down to 9 feet (2.7m), and spread up to 3′  (0.9m) in the top 10″ (25cm) of soil. Other garden veggies are generally as impressive in the root department.  When we harvest, most of the delicate root network is torn off, and we only get to see the bigger, tougher parts, the taproot or the root ball. This pic is from an old post I ran into, a flashback to Oct. 2008: there’s more words and another long-rooted-parsnip pic at Root love! (The arm-and-hand model is Lynn.)



  1. Fertilizer

    Wow look at that! What a great picture…

  2. I have never tried growing parsnips before.  That is an amazing root!  Wow!

  3. I have previously grown parsnips and not has as much success as you have had due to incorrect planting. I hope that next time my parsnips are as successful as your with such a great root!

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