Like a pile of gold!

Manure delivery

Really can’t think what delivery of basic farm supplies could make me happier than today’s six truckloads of well-aged cow manure. Since we don’t have an on-farm source, getting this from a farm less than a mile (1.6km) down the road, loaded to order and delivered by the farmer himself, is a pretty good Plan B. This has been stacked for average around a year, so the composting action is well underway. I’ll be rearranging it into large windrows with the compact Kubota, for further breakdown till spring, and spreading some now. Heart-warming! :)

11 thoughts on “Like a pile of gold!”

  1. I’m happy for you acquiring such a valuable resource for growing. Last year I experimented, growing half of my potatoes with manure and half without to see the results. Well, I had substantially greater yields from the manure planted spuds by far – it really is amazing stuff!
    Good luck with it all.


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