Cleaning up the field: beets

It’s the last of the beets, a mix of varieties – Red Ace,  Bulls Blood, Chioggia – from different beds, golf ball-sized, cold-sweetened, nice! Leaves, not in the greatest shape, were trimmed, leaving enough stem to avoid bleeding. Around 50 lbs, and that’s it for this year’s beets.

9 thoughts on “Cleaning up the field: beets”

    • What a great idea!! :) Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with an ad plan or rate card or anything as of yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I do.

    • Thanks! I’m still enthusiastic!! :) And been meaning to get back on regular blogging for…the last 2-3 years now, I guess, just waiting for the spirit to…move me haha.


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