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Cleaning up the field: beets

It’s the last of the beets, a mix of varieties – Red Ace,  Bulls Blood, Chioggia – from different beds, golf ball-sized, cold-sweetened, nice! Leaves, not in the greatest shape, were trimmed, leaving enough stem to avoid bleeding. Around 50 lbs, and that’s it for this year’s beets.



  1. They look good. It’s nice to still have fresh food in November and know there’s more coming.

  2. They look delicious! Beets have to be one of my favourite vegetables :)

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    • What a great idea!! :) Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with an ad plan or rate card or anything as of yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I do.

  4. I miss your Blog Mike but even more I miss your enthusiasm for tiny farming. Hope you are doing well.


    • Thanks! I’m still enthusiastic!! :) And been meaning to get back on regular blogging for…the last 2-3 years now, I guess, just waiting for the spirit to…move me haha.

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