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Donkey care

Assessing the donkey job

Tanya the Farrier drops in on Jack the Miniature Donkey every 6-8 weeks to clean and trim his hooves. It’s a pretty quick operation, maybe 20 minutes. You might expect trouble, Jack being a fairly frisky, 400+ pounds of muscle, hard head and hoof, but he’s also easy-going, and Tanya seems to have established authority way back. I’ve been watching this routine for the six years I’ve been here. Bob does the holding, and Tanya goes to work…

Cleaning the donkey hoof

…using a hooked knife to prying out built up gunk…

Using the knife

…and trim down the hoof.

Filing a donkey hoof

A rasp is used for finishing touches…

Donkey hooves done

…and in no time, Tanya’s gone and Jack’s good to go…



  1. RobG

    Does Jack do any work around the farm?

  2. Yeah, why do you have this donkey?  What is he for?  Seems like it would be fun to get him to pull a plow I guess.

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