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First day of winter

Field on the first day of winter

Winter: today, it’s official… Every day I head out to the field to take a look, even if it’s only for a few minutes. I check the greenhouse, and…look around. There’s not much to see. The snow is now about 3′ (91cm) high on the sides of the hoophouse. I don’t bother clearing it off, it seems to do fine. It may not be obvious from the pics, but the side walls are double layers of plastic, inflated by electric fan with about six inches of air between (electricity for the fan is run out from the drive shed). You can see the hose for the fan on the inside, right near the curved rib (the fan and hose are on the left of this shot). This keeps the sides rigid enough to stop the snow from pushing in. And the trees are bare… And the days are now getting longer! :)


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