Local toast

Peanut butter and jam on local toast

My local toast: this morning’s breakfast slice of whole wheat from local baker Barb, along with a tall glass of supermarket-orange-juice-not-from-concentrate-with-pulp, and all-from-the-store orange pekoe tea with cream and sugar. The toast is spread with industrial peanut butter (smooth!), Gloria-Jean’s Sundae in a Jar (strawberries, raspberries, sugar, pectin, from the farmers’ market…mmmm!), and expensive transfat-free margarine. Altogether not so local, and nothing from this farm, but the bread is delicious… Some things I’m compelled to plan, like changes to the market garden. But when it comes to eating local, there is NO WAY I’m going to sit around with lists and notes, calculating food miles, looking up arcane food processing ingredients, interrogating local producers and the like. “Planning” my diet and, uh, FOOD STRATEGY to be Local would reduce the pleasure of eating to a chore, and that’s not fun! My personal preference for local food seems to be emerging as a natural extension of tiny farming and eating what I grow, which is cool. My instinctive approach to local food is…laid-back, figure it out as I go. Let’s see what happens!

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  1. Our Christmas breakfast was Dutch Brunch which was boiled egg mixed with cheese mixed with relish (fruit or other) and mayo. You can add Worchestershire sauce but we did not. Spread on a whole grain bread. Toasted in the oven and served with good coffee. (I had to have homemade jam as well!)

    Merry Christmas from Saskatoon.


  2. Beautiful. We started baking our own breads rcently as well. There is no substitute for fresh home baked bread. Now we just need to search out a local supplier of flour and grains!

    Merry Christmas to the Tiny Farm.


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