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Flashback: Harvest share!

CSA Family share

Round about this point in the year, especially with the frozen, white winter we’ve been having this time around, it’s easy to forget what the full-on summer veggie garden is really like! That’s  the beauty of living in a cold-weather climate—you get to marvel again and again. As a reminder of what the other end of the year (usually) looks like in the market garden, here’s a snapshot from a harvest past. Fresh veg. I guess it’s what all this fuss is about! :)



  1. Nat West

    That’s not just ONE share is it, Mike? heh heh

  2. That photo is positively pornographic at this time of year!!

  3. Ohhh that is a sight for sore eyes…reminds me why I’ve been haulin’ manure for the last few days!  Thanks Kim

  4. How lovely.  I’m spending my days eating squashes & other winter stored veggies.  I’m sure these wouldn’t be half as tasty in the summer if I ate them all season long.  That’s the beauty of seasonal eating, everything is eaten at it’s peak tastiness!

  5. Art Blomquist

    We’re bemoaning the fact that our turnips are getting a bit rubbery. Spuds are holding up, cabbage is still tasty. But I long for that first fresh from the garden salad..

  6. I was just mentioning to my family that I will be more than happy not to eat another apple, turnip, potato, or winter squash for a LONG time.  But in the same moment, I am grateful to have them stored to get though the winter.  As Chiot’s Run said, the first taste of the seasonal summer fruit/veg will be just that much more amazing as the cycle spins around yet again…. though at this point, it can’t come soon enough!

  7. Boy do I love the sight of dirty potatoes! Thanks for the mid winter ‘sight for sore eyes’.

  8. oh my, how beautiful! I should set it as my desktop :-)

    I have a question if you have a moment. When you plant onion transplants out, do you plant them as soon as the ground can be worked or wait until the last frost?

  9. Wonderful…thanks for sharing!  Think I will go get some frozen blueberries to remind me of summer!

  10. debra

    beautiful! puts the barren ground and bleak skies in a whole new light.  now i’m really looking forward to spring :)

  11. Megan

    Oh the colors!!! Seems we’re all going through the same thing… Not only have I been going through the seed catalogs like crazy, but also going through all the pictures of my garden last year. Looking out the window at the bare and snow covered beds, it’s hard to believe how different it looked 6 months ago!

  12. Great photo.

    Roll on Summer, i’m getting fed up of cabbage!

  13. Oh, what a beautiful reminder that there are seasons and winter is not forever!!!!

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