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Drive shed revisited

The drive shed

Here’s a view of the west-facing side of the drive shed that I seldom notice, although it’s right beside the gate to the market garden field—during the growing season, I walk by it several times a day. It’s the little window that I always find mysterious, and that I might or might not remember… The upper level of the drive shed is a dim jumble of well-picked-over storage, stuff gathered over the decades, including some old, horse-drawn plowing gear. I haven’t been up there much, no need. It’s like that for a few areas of the farm. I’ve only been through the woods and down to the natural pond a handful of times (well, it is kinda boggy for most of the year). I’ve yet to explore the unused silo. And there are just so many ANGLES to view the place from, that I didn’t get to much in the daily market garden routines—other spots I’ve walked by literally thousands of times. As this farm gets set to move into new hands, I figure it’s a good idea to intentionally snap a few extra photos. For the record!



  1. Oh, boy would I have a hard time leaving that barn behind!

    I do enjoy your posts — all kinds of the right things here.


  2. You’ve been living in a photo album, it’s wonderful!!!

  3. I too would have a hard time leaving that barn.  Have you seen the new farm enough to find a special kind of place there too? Maybe not yet, but I’m sure the memories to come are waiting for you.

  4. If I had a barn…which I don’t, sob…you would have to pry me away from it with a crowbar…unless that is the new place has one too and it is just a pretty a red color!

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